Website SEO Audit & Strategy Session | @VictoriaSEO_

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Website SEO Audit & Strategy Session | @VictoriaSEO_

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Unleash the Potential of Your Website

Are you ready to take your website to new heights? I am Victoria (@VictoriaSEO_), an expert in the finnicky, technical aspects of SEO thanks to my experience as a niche site creator, background as a web developer, and my degree in Mathematics & Computer Science (my alma mater is the University of York).

As a seasoned SEO strategist, I will meticulously audit your website and leverage my expertise to formulate a winning strategy tailored to your unique needs.

By opting for this service, you benefit from my in-depth review and get actionable insights to enhance your website's traffic, boost user engagement, skyrocket conversion rates, and substantially increase your revenue.

In this interactive, text-based session, we will explore:

  1. Performance Assessment: Pinpointing what works and what doesn't on your website.
  2. User Experience Audit: Identifying opportunities to improve your website's UX.
  3. Technical SEO Strategy: Providing recommendations to bolster your website's Google visibility.
  4. Design Optimization: Offering design tweaks that you can implement on your own for immediate impact.
  5. New Page Suggestions: Recommending new pages to capitalize on the low-hanging fruit in your niche.
  6. Keyword Guidance: Advising on the type of keywords to target.
  7. Custom Queries: Answering any pressing questions you may have about your website.

Here's how it works:

  1. Purchase the Audit & Strategy Session: After selecting the Website SEO Audit & Strategy Session, you will receive a unique license key upon purchase.
  2. Share Your Details: DM me (@VictoriaSEO_) or email me at victoria@seoptimi.se with your license key and website address. This will be our initial point of contact.
  3. Kick-Off Interaction: We'll start our conversation on an ongoing basis. Our interactions won't be confined to a single session, but will span over a suitable timeframe (usually a few days or even up to a week), allowing for more flexibility and thorough discussion.
  4. Asynchronous Collaboration: We'll have a back-and-forth exchange in the form of DMs or emails, where we'll delve into various aspects of your website. We can communicate at a pace that suits us both, and you can take your time to digest and implement the strategies and recommendations provided.
  5. In-Depth Analysis & Recommendations: During our conversation, we'll cover everything from performance assessment to keyword guidance. All your pressing questions will be addressed, and you will receive actionable insights to enhance your website's performance.
  6. Post-Session Deliverable: After our session, you will receive a comprehensive report summarizing the actionable insights and strategic recommendations discussed. This will be your blueprint for driving your website's success.
  7. Follow-Up: Should any questions or issues arise post-session, feel free to reach out. I am here to support you as you implement the improvements to your website.

Dive into this flexible, comprehensive, and personalized SEO improvement journey by purchasing the Website SEO Audit & Strategy Session today!

Best Regards,


Upon purchasing this package, you will receive a unique license key. DM me (@VictoriaSEO_) or email at victoria@seoptimi.se with your license key and website address, and we will kickstart your journey to digital prominence!

Your convenience is paramount to me. I am flexible with scheduling, ensuring you reap the maximum value from our session.

Note: Our session will be text-based to provide you with a concrete deliverable for your reference and legal security.

Unlock your website's potential today with @VictoriaSEO_!

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Refund policy

Due to the digital nature of this product, I cannot provide refunds once the deliverable has been made and sent to you.

I'll provide a full refund if I decide that I can't provide any value to you upon my preliminary inspection of your site.

Last updated May 24, 2023

Let's work together to create a winning strategy for your website. - Victoria